Saturday, April 05, 2008

Lazy Mind?

So, I've been thinking lately about a few things, one of which, is how do I motivate myself to learn more? (which in itself is some weird logic loops, because by thinking about this and hopefully someday figuring out the answer, I will have learned something!)
But I've been mentally frustrated over the past month (maybe longer), about my inability to learn. Is it a physical limitation? (ie: I'm not that smart), is it an age limitation? reaching that point in life when you start to feel "comfortable" with having thought a lot and can accept what you know as your limit know (which is scary).
Is it a time limitation? There is SO MUCH that I want to learn yet! That I feel overwhelmed. There is no way that I'll have enough time to learn it all - therefore, how do I pick and choose where to best put my time?
Finally, (which I think is the root of my problem) I'm lazy. I'd much rather watch the season premier of Battlestar Galactica (which was awesome by the way), than to pick up a book, or jump on the web, and learn about what does a "volt" mean in relation to a 9 volt battery?
I enjoy being entertained! I don't enjoy the "process" of learning (somethings).
So, I think I've figured out now:why... my next process is... how do I "fix it"?
Well, that turned out to be a self reflective rant that I didn't intend when I started this post.
But, in this post, I hope lays a glimmer of an answer...
TED talks. I've blogged about this awesome event before - and how it's awesomex2 that they post some of the talks FREE on the web, so that joe schmoe's like myself can watch them.
I watched two this morning...
Possibly one of the smartest man alive - giving a talk about such things as "universe", aliens, and the future of the human race (Stephen Hawking!)
Then I just watched this talk, which was amazing!
I wish I had .003 percent of this guy's energy!
I'll embed Clifford Stoll's talk here, but I also enourage you to watch Stephen's talk too...

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