Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's just a coincidence

I just had to post this real quick...
A few days ago (Friday?)
I read this scathing article by Scientific America, about a new film coming out (or straight to DVD?) regarding Evolution vs creationism (or I.D.) called "Expelled".
The book that I've been reading (see previous post) called "Black Order" is also about evolution and involves as one of it's key plot points - Darwin's Family Bible.
This morning, I sat down to have an awesome big breakfast made of what I found in my fridge - Some frozen Ravioli's and some leftover seafood stew (I know, odd combination, but it tasted good and I'm stuffed!) as I plopped in front of the TV, flipping through the channels, I land on a show about (you guessed it) Darwinism and Hitler. (which again ties into the book I'm reading).
OMG! This show was such propaganda produced by "Coral Ridge Ministries" on the televangelist network! It's called "Darwin's Deadly Legacy". Let's see if I can sum up their show in two sentences... Darwin Caused Hitler to exterminate the Jewish people, and Darwin caused the boy(s) to shoot all those kids at Columbine. And it must have been true, because Ann Coulter was in it! (I hate to link to this, but to be fair I will, I think you can watch the show on their website). Oh, and by the way, Coral Ridge's website is full of ads for Ben Steins movie - ha!
Believe it or not, none of the above coincidences struck me until just now...
I sat down to read my book again, and the first sentence of the chapter starts with, "The SS started out as the personal bodyguard for Hitler..." I happened to think "SS" huh, the personal bodyguards to our USA President is called the "Secret Service" also "SS" - Is that a coincidence? It must be. Right?!
So that little thought train got me to then realize all these coincidences together. I had to jump up and blog this before I moved onto something else.
And here's the kicker...
As I started up the computer (well woke from sleep), I have a small desktop widget that displays thumbnails of all the photos on my computer - out of (I'm guessing) 100's maybe even 1000!?, who's image is there but my favorite Author "Robert Anton Wilson". RAW has written several books that changed the way I think, one of which is called ... wait for it... "Coincidance: A Head Test".
So really...
I'll ask one more time...
This is all just a coincidence right?

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