Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blue today

So I have to admit, I'm a little down in the dumps today over the defeat of Obama in the PA Primary. I'm trying not to let it get me down, but I had my fingers crossed that he would have pulled a win out. Listening to all the political pundits put each of their spin on it is enough to make your head spin. I'm hopeful that Obama is still in the lead over Hilary, and that he'll be able to maintain that lead. But I'm not encouraged by my own past record of never picking the guy that wins. I might just go to the George Castanza model if Hilary wins the nomination, and I'll vote for McCain.
So, in related news...
I learned a few days ago, that a good friend of mine has almost the complete opposite political beliefs as I do. I'm stunned because I always thought we had similar outlooks on life. But here's the thing that's been bugging me... He's a conservative Christian too... I can't seem to get my head around the idea of these Conservative Christians and how they justify their political beliefs with the teachings of Jesus? I don't mean that as a slam, I just don't understand.
I was hoping I might be able to pick my friends mind since I don't know any other Republicans, but I also don't want to jeopordise our friendship by getting into arguments/debates about politics all the time.
I was going to email him about a topic like torture. I went online (I think it was on wikipedia) and saw a statistic that 66% of Republicans support Torture. This blew my mind.
If any republican's out there find this post, please post in the comments if you're willing to discuss this with me.
So I've been thinking of a question lately (probably not an original thought)...
If Jesus were alive today (you know what I mean), do you think he'd be a Republican or a Democrat?
Anyone willing to touch that loaded question with a ten foot pole? :)

Well, I'll close with a half-hearted cheer - Go Obama :)

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