Monday, June 18, 2007

Apple Keynote

Hey Nation! Any Apple fans out there? I've been watching Steve Job's keynote address online (in bits and pieces, because it's long!) Where he is introducing a lot of the new features in the soon to be released new OS X. (named Leopard (I'm starting to get confused now with all these "big cat" names of their OS. Lets see if I get this, first there is Jaguar, then Tiger, now Leopard)). I have to be honest, as say that a lot of the new updates appear to be "fluff" as far as looks and appearance updates. Which is fine, I'm all for great looking design, but the web and Steve kinda make a big deal about how you can now see a reflection on the new dock (yawn).
During the presentation Steve brought up the CEO of EA (Electronic Arts) and says apple is welcoming them back... big deal. I've never been impressed at all with the EA games for the mac. In fact one of the games I bought (Tiger Woods golf) crashed so much (and lost the progress of the game) that I gave up playing it. So, EA, if you come back to mac, you better "bring it" this time. No lame ports that are full of bugs.
Now, the main reason I'm bloging this post, is that I just saw something that Steve demo'd that really looks cool to me.... It's called "web clip" and it goes hand in hand with Safari and the apple version of widgets called "dashboard". I've actually never been a fan of dashboard. I guess I'm "old skool" because I'm a big fan of the original widget creators called "konfabulator". I don't know how or what happened, but somehow Apple "stole/bought/shared" the idea of widgets and made "dashboard". Since then, Yahoo, bought out the original Konfabulator program, and (luckily) has continued to support and keep Konfabulator alive.
But, after seeing what web clip can do I gotta say... that's awesome. You can really easily make your own widgets of practically anything on the web with just a few clicks!
IF you want to see this, go to Steve's keynote here and click on the wwdc keynote at the bottom , once the video loads/opens then click just a little past the half way mark (around 45, 46 minute mark). Leopard is looking pretty good, but I've learned my lesson... I will not be one of the first ones to run out and buy it. I'll give it at least a few months, before updating, until all the bugs get worked out.

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