Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mike Colameco back on

Yes! I just finished watching a NEW Mike Colameco cooking show right now. I had not seen his show for at least 3-4 weeks and had feared that the show was canceled or moved to a different time slot. But I was up at 10am this Sat morning, and sure enough they did change the time slot but only by a half hour, it's on now at 10:30am. (In my area, your area may be different).
So no recipes to transcribe this time. Mike and his family were on a vacation to Hawaii so they did the entire show about the food of Hawaii. It was interesting, little bit of everything really, from tons of seafood to an ice cream factory and a sugar plant. The sugar plant was interesting, in that it is very energy efficient, after they press the cane and get all they can from it, the left over "bio-mass" is then burned and converted to electricty, so the plant not only makes sugar, but is also an energy plant - cool.
Mike did not do a demo afterwards, but had three local chef's do a grilling demo. They listed the ingredients WAY to fast for me to write down, but then I stopped because all of the ingedients were local ingredients anyway.
One other thing I thought interesting is that Hawaiian food is influenced by several cultures, Chinese, Japanese, and Philippines and European (there may have been a few more cultures mentioned). So this makes the food very different.
Glad to see Mike's show back on the air!


barbara r said...

I watched today's episode and was unable to catch the name of the restaurant that Mike had gone to. Do you happen to know what it is and the name of the chef?

cyen said...

Sorry Barbara, I happened to catch only the last few minutes of this show (assuming it's the same show that play on Saturday morning 7/14/07).