Thursday, June 14, 2007

A few rants today

Well, one of the best things about having a blog for me is having a place to vent. It's been a while so I guess I can't complain too much. But, just in the past week I've had a few company rants that I need to vent now...

IKEA - I'm a big fan of Ikea. I like their design most of all, and I like the prices. I don't like the cheapness of some of their products though, and that chipboard... I think they use a LEAD based glue because it's some of the heaviest wood I've ever had to lift. So I've been meaning to get up to my local (30 minutes away) to buy a new set of drawers for my living room. I ended buying one that I liked, yet it won't match any other item in my apartment, but I don't really care because it looks nice :) While I was there I HAD to visit their lighting department, they always have the coolest lights. I bought a neat little desklamp for $9, and a nice looking book reading lamp for $34. I got it home and started putting the book lamp together... I took the base of the lamp out and was a bit shocked to see that the bottom of the base was all dirty and skuffed up! Somehow I got a used base!? It still sort of worked (I think I stripped the one pipe while screwing it into the base, but it appears to be strong enough.) But it just stinks that I got a used piece of equipment when I thought it was going to be brand new.

Verizon - Overall I'm pretty happy with Verizon for my DSL, but I've noticed that when it rains I always get a crappy connection. It's both at the office (next town over) and at home. That's it... no big rant here, just that it's incredibly frustrating to get such slow connections and disconnects whenever it rains.

Apple - I'm a big fan of Apple too. I think I blogged a little while back about how my 6 month old imac is now broken with a bum cd/dvd drive. I went through a few hoops when I tried to call and bring it into the local apple store to get it looked at. One of the things Apple offers is a Procare plan that lets you get treated nicely. There's really no other way to put it. You pay $99 for the ability to make plans over the phone, you get the option of booking an appointment at the first available time slots, you get a yearly tune-up, and generally you get treated nicely. Well, I decided to break down and purchase this...well to my surprise, I got hooked and skewered, because I bought the "wrong plan"! I ended up buying the "Apple Care" plan which is their way of saying the "extended warranty" for my imac, and not the "Pro Care" plan. Now, In a way, I'm still glad I bought the extended warranty especially now that I know that I have a problem with my particular computer, but it was a bit of a smack to learn, that I still needed to shell out another $99 for the "pro care" plan to be treated nicely. I know I should NOT get it on principle alone, but I'm going to. I'd rather pay that $99 to be treated nice, than to be brushed aside. Man does that stink.

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Well, I don't know if this will cheer you up or annoy you more... but tag, you're it!