Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Book - Almost Human

Just a quick post about a new book that I'm enjoying. It's called "Almost Human" by Lee Gutkind. A little hard to describe, but apparently Mr. Gutkind just hung out at "Carnegie Mellon" and got to know a bunch of the staff and student that build Robots. It's not a techy book in that it won't teach you how to build a robot, but rather a glimpse into the people who are often times obsessed with building these machine, and pushing to boundaries to create the "Next Generation" of Robots. I find it all very interesting, and actually feel a bit of remorse that I was not a better student in that I could have been involved in some way with this. ARGH!? Did I just say that I wished I was a better student? What's gotten into me? I hated school. But, as I'm in my middle ages now I'm beginning to realize what options in life I may have missed out on because I didn't apply myself. Ah, such is life I guess.
I googled "almost human" and found this Wired interview online with the author.
Oh and I also think it's a great book cover design.

Oh on a totally unrelated side note... I happened to catch a movie tonight on the "classic movies" channel with Jimmy Stewart. I missed the beginning, but when flipping the channels I heard the word "Pooka" mentioned and it caught my attention. Turns out Robert Anton Wilson used the "Pooka" in his talks and I never knew what it meant. (I'm not gonna tell ya... go look it up on wikipedia ;) I have a new word to look up too a "rumpot". I also thought it was a good movie too. It was filmed in 1950... I'm AMAZED how things were so different culture wise only 60 years ago. I just learned via imdb that the movie is called "Harvey".

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