Sunday, June 03, 2007

Make Philly

What an amazing video huh? I've known about Theo Jansen for quite some time now, but this youtube video was new to me. I will defintely be heading over to his website to check if I can order the DVD. I think he's located in Sweden, so I'm not sure what's involved with ordering something from another country. Hmm, maybe Amazon might have something.

Well, a quick post before this weekend is over... Today (Sunday June 3rd) I went to yet another meeting held by MakePhilly. We had a great presentation from a guy who is persuing his PHD in Nano Technology. Granted, much of the science went over my head, but he was able to give a quick presentation that even a layman like myself was able to grasp most of. One of the items I walked away with that someone posed as a question afterwards was that there are companies rushing to get "nano-tech" to the market as fast as possible since it's the next "new thing". But Mike pointed out that nano tech is SO small that a single nano-tube (which he said is being used in tennis rackets now) that these tubes are smaller than our pores in our skin. So there could be health related issues (I thought of Asbestos) that none of the corporations are concerning themselves with. I think I'll take Mike's words of caution when I hear about new products that contain nano-tech.
I won't even attempt to try and repeat what I learned, but it was amazing the things they are doing in this field. We're talking about not just "seeing" or looking at things really tiny, we're talking about scientists are now able to BUILD objects (including a motor) using molecules! Mind boggling.
Then, like true maker style, the meeting took a turn to the otherside of tech... people broke into small teams and created their own miniature golf course. Lot's of creative "machines" and course holes. I decided to sit the actual making part out this time simply so I could wander and take photos, but I missed not being able to make something. I think next time, I'm just going to have the do both, help make them, and take photos too. At one point I thought it funny that only a few minutes ago is a PHD student involved with Nano Technology giving a scientific presentation, only now to be duct-taping his own miniature golf course hole. That's one of the reasons I love this Maker movement. :)
I hope to upload photos to my flickr account within a day or so.

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valejandras said...

this is so awesome. i love the mechanics of the art that he creates. very inspiring.