Sunday, June 17, 2007

Questions your pastor will hate...

I found this link this morning via reddit... some interesting questions posed (and a few interesting comments, I suspect the comments list will get much longer when the folks from reddit start posting. It's also interesting to me the "tone" in the comments. The author of these "Dennis Diehl" says he's a former pastor... I can see why :)
I think some of Dennis' questions were answered by "johnrohan" in the comments, but I don't like john's "tone" or attitude.
It's questions like these that always bother me as well. I see the Bible as a great logic puzzle, and at this point in time, I can't figure it out. I also admit that I've read very little of the Bible, so maybe if I read more I would have more answers. But I find it such a chore to plod through all the repetitious verses. I also get very frustrated while reading the Bible, because I always come up with these types of questions as I'm reading it. So then I get mad at myself for being frustrated, and then usually just stop reading. A confusing and frustrating loop for me.
The link is here.
Oh, and I also think it odd that this post made it to the top page of Reddit. Usually Reddit is a techy site, or politics, not so much about religion. Hmm, that would be pretty cool if there were a reddit type page dedicated to religious topics only.

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