Thursday, June 28, 2007

iphone eve...

I am a huge apple fan... BUT... I'm going to make a prediction here [drumroll please].... the overly hyped iphone is going to bomb tomorrow. Can you saw "newton"?
I'm seeing more and more negative reviews online, and it doesn't sound good. I'll recap what strikes me most as to why this will fail on it's initial release:
$500 for the smaller version and $600 for the 8 gig version. Then, on top of that initial cost, you MUST sign a 2 year contract with AT&T (you know the people who "gave" all their customer's data over to the government.) starting at $60 a month. That's $642 for the phone (including 7% tax), $1440 for the 2 years (I'm sure there is tax, and other fees that apply here), So you're looking at over $2000 for a 2 year time period. (That's roughly $87 a month!).
I saw that apple is going with ATT's "EDGE" network for the online data. But David Pogue said it is unbelievably slow!! It took almost one full minute just to load the front page of No one has time for that!
I'm sure that a first generation techno gadget will have it's share of problems. All these people rushing out to be the first to buy the phone, who are paying a lot of money are not going to want to hear that a newer phone will be released in a few months with all the bugs fixed. So you're going to get a lot of negative feedback there.
I also think that ATT will hurt the plan too. They are not known for treating their customers right.
All that said, I wish apple a lot of luck with this launch, I think they're gonna need it. Then again, what do I know :)

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