Thursday, June 28, 2007

deep thinkers...

Hooray! A short blog post for once!
This was a very interesting read...

"Deep thinkers need not apply: how to get ahead in the modern business world"


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

valejandras said...

is it your b-day? wow! happy day to you.

just wanted to pop in and say that i really enjoyed this article. i was having a related conversation with my hubby the other day... he's very much a hard worker, but always feels a bit duped in the "promotions & raises" aspect of jobs.... i forwarded it to him.

although his work is closer related to small businesses and not corporate... i believe that the "it's not what you know, but WHO you know" rule applies just the same.


cyen said...

Yes, and I think I know who that "anonymous" person is who ratted it out here in the comments ;)
Thanks V and "anon"

Yes, I thought that article was great, and reinforces some of the same beliefs I've held as far as "It's who you know". I totally agree that it also applies to small business and not just corporate.
I also posted it as a motivator/reminder to myself to possibly do some "schmoozing" or "networking". I hate that stuff.