Friday, June 29, 2007

student's rights to speech

I didn't really blog about this topic before because to be honest I heard different reports on the details of the case, and didn't want to waste my time over a silly statement like "bong hits for Jesus". From what I gather, here's what happened... there was a school "sanctioned" event (ie: They let the kids out of school to attend this event) of a marathon runner carrying the Olympic torch through their town. Well, one kid (i think he was 18 at the time), thought it would be funny to hold up a banner that said "bong hits for Jesus" which is something he saw on a skateboard once. The principal saw the banner (it was pretty big), and told him to take it down, the kid refused, so he got suspended. The tricky part here is two things... one, he was on a public sidewalk at the time, so technically not in school, and there is also the matter of interpretation, was the student "promoting" illeagal drug use, or was it just a stupid joke gone too far. Well, the SUPREME COURT thought the previous, that he was promoting drug use, during a school event. So they ruled against him. Ok, I can kinda agree with that. I still think it was just a bad joke taken too far. (story here on CNN)
So today I see this headline about a kid who was suspended for wearing an anti-bush T-shirt, talking about cocaine, and drunk driving. Well, this time, the Supreme court said, the student has every right to make political statements. (story here on yahoo news)
Me confused.
It makes me wonder then, would the first student have been ok, if his banner said "bong hits for Bush"? I guess that's why we need a supreme court, to help us citizens out when we are confused.

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valejandras said...

ok- let me clear the confusion... at least through my interpretation.

the first kid- "promoted" drug use b/c the banner said what it said.... whether it would have been bong hits for bush, jesus, or his girlfriend's dog's cousin's mother from pasadena... it still "promoted" the partaking in drug use.

where as the other fellow just wore a shirt that said that the president did all that.... the shirt itself never said anything like "be like bush and over use cocaine and pot, and go on a world domination tour"... it just stated

so that's the difference... one "promoted" and the other just made a statement.

hope that clears that up... hee hee.

lator gator