Sunday, July 01, 2007

live free or die hard

Got back from seeing "live free or die hard" movie tonight. I gotta say, I really liked this one. It was just pure entertainment with gun fights, lots of explosions, and best of all some great comedy. Yes, some of the shots were SO over the top as to be unbelievable (the jet scene especially (it's in the trailer so I'm not giving anything away)). But for me it was just a sit back, remove brain, insert popcorn and enjoy movie. The combo of Bruce Willis and Justin Long worked well. Some of the scenes really had me laughing (like the helicopter landing). As a geek, I really enjoyed the scene with Warlock too. And ya know, Bruce is starting to get up there in age, but he did a great job of pulling off the action hero. Ok, I can't gush all over this, I gotta point out a few things that bothered me... The audio voice dubbing was HORRIBLE! There were times when it was SO obvious that the voices were being overdubbed onto action shots that didn't match. Really bad. (I just hopped over the imdb and they point this fact out too... they said during one of the speeches they used the same footage 3 times!) Some of the continuity bothered me, like the entire city is supposed to be gridlocked with traffic, yet the very next scene, it shows them driving down streets with not a car in sight. But, these are the types of things you force yourself to overlook when watching a 4th episode remake of an action movie started back in 1988! I would almost say that #4 was better than 1,2, and 3!
Oh, and it took me almost half the movie to figure out where I had seen the bad guy before... His real name is Timothy Olyphant, he played the sheriff in Deadwood! He looked totally different for some reason.
Official movie site here: Live free of die hard.


The Mouth said...
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The Mouth said...

I've been scouring the web with no success for the answer to this puzzler: In the Warlock scene, Kevin Smith's character prompted McClane to say something he wrote on a magazine page...what was it?
I'm sure it was some snappy comeback, I just didn't catch what it was, and niether did anyone else I know who saw the flick. Hoping you caught it.

cyen said...

Sorry I can't help either Mouth. I'm pretty sure I know what scene you are referring to, I remember saying the same thing "what did he say?", but I think it was timed with another sound-effect that stomped on his line. Like I said earlier, the sound editing stunk on this movie.