Friday, July 06, 2007


I don't know why I never thought of looking on youtube for Mbira music before. I was over looking at some of my flickr contacts photos and saw this one guy who makes "kalimbas" posted a link to youtube. Then it hit me, search for "mbira". Sure enough I found a bunch of videos. The very first one really made me smile... about 30 seconds in watch the lower right (you can't miss what I'm talking about). Too cute.

There for a while I was really into Mbira music. Like most of my musical explorations I slowly fell away from it, but I still pick mine up every so often and try to remember the 3 songs that I learned. It's usually a bit of a struggle at first, but then once you hit that pattern, it's like riding a bike. I'll be heading back to youtube now to look for more gems like the above.

To learn more about what an Mbira Dzavadzimu is, head over to the wiki.

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