Tuesday, July 24, 2007

motivation from Seinfeld

So lately, I've been struggling with how to clean my apartment. Perhaps I've mentioned it before, but I have a real problem with throwing stuff out. There is something "hard wired" in my brain that makes me think in a loop...
1) I should throw that thing out
2) But... I paid a lot of money for that when I bought it
3) And... What If I could use it somehow in the future?
4) And... I don't like to waste things
5) But... where will I put it?
6) Oh, I'll just leave it there until I figure out where to put it...
7) Repeat step 1

So I've taken to trying to change a few things.
I am not trying to go on a big cleaning spree and throw everything out. I figure its taken me years to collect all this junk, I can start slowly and just pick at it bit by bit.
It is working... slowly.

Then I found this post today on a blog I used to read, but for some reason fell away from it. I'm going to try to add it to my daily rotation... Lifehacker.com
Its sort of a motivational tip or an organization tip via Brad Isaac via Jerry Seinfeld.
Check it out here.
And, while your at it, check out Brad's blog... I think I'll add this to my bookmarks as well.
Achieve-IT at persistenceunlimited.com.

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