Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tom Cryer - Not Guilty

I was torn about whether (that may be the first time EVER I've used the correct spelling of "whether" after I had to look it up!) or not to post this topic about Tom Cryer being found NOT GUILTY. I have to be honest here and say that I know next to nothing about the case, and what little I do know I've learned from this blog (where I've been keeping track on Ed and Elaine Brown).

I feel a certain obligation though because 1. I had difficulty myself finding this news on the intertubes and 2. that via my stats page, I see people are find my humble blog by doing a google search for Tom's name.

So really, This post is to point those who found my blog to the blog above called "show us the inherent law" where you can find much more information about Tom's case.

Ok, all that being said... I'm glad Tom was found not guilty. I don't know, but I'm beginning to sense a movement here, what with Ron Paul, and the Browns, and now Tom... Isn't there a 60's song with lyrics something like "something is happening here"?

Ooo... I just found this great post that sums up the court hearings quickly. I'm going to try and do some more digging in the following days to learn more about this.

--- words of caution to my readers (and myself) ---
I sometimes find myself on websites that deal with conspiracy issues, anti-government rants, impeachment rants, etc... I'm thankful for the rights that have been granted to me that allow me to do this! I certainly do not agree with all of these points of view, but in the interest of knowledge and truth I like to look at what the "fringe" is saying. I just discovered that one of the newly discovered conspiracy websites I've been checking in on, appears to be "anti-Semitic". This is what is dangerous about viewing "fringe" websites, there may be hidden agendas, and certainly beliefs that I disagree with. Please know that any website that I link to for a story, or blog post, does NOT mean that I am endorsing that website and all they stand for. If you are using a computer and found my blog I trust you have a decent amount of intelligence to judge for yourself about what is right and wrong. I'm still trying to gain that intelligence myself :)


valejandras said...

Power to the People!

hee hee, just had to get that out.

anywho, hey you never told me if and when you are making it to ATX. still gotta make you a list of places to visit.


cyen said...

Hey V!
I probably won't make up my mind on Austin until around September. The Maker Faire is not until October. Part of me wants to go, and part of me knows it will not be the same as when I visit with Family when it's in California. We'll see which part of me wins the debate in Sept.
So what's your opinion... IS ATX really as great as I hear it is?

valejandras said...

oh my goodness... it is! lol

sorry it took me so long to write back.

i was just talking to my sister about this city- you know, it's fairly rare for me to run into someone here that doesn't like this town. there is so much to do here that you can't get bored. and so many chill, cool, relaxed people that even if you just wanted to have a little BBQ at your house... your peeps would be cool with that too.

oh, and the music scene here is just as chill. the food is great and the atmospheres in places here go beyond fun.

my sister explained that she feels like austin is the "oasis" of texas. i agree.

now- if you catch a rude person while you're here- they probably aren't from ATX... or they are just having a sour day (we're aloud!)... hee hee.

ACL fest is in september... you should try to catch a day of it. i love the festival, b/c you can see bands that you've never heard of... it's like a sample buffet of

anywho, i won't tell you much more, b/c like i say for just about everything- "it's just my opinion, you'll have to see it for yourself to make up your own mind".