Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Power of Wind

It took me a few minutes to actually get this video (hey it's almost midnight and I've been up since 7am, cut me some slack). But once I "got it" I just had to smile. What a fantastic commercial! I learned of this post via laughing squid another great blog I try to frequent on a regular basis.
This really hits home with me too... I used to work outside as a land surveyor. I was constantly battling the wind, blueprints blowing around, sand in the eyes, etc... just overall really annoying! Then one day I was having a bad "wind day" and I cursed the heavens (well, not really, but)... I had this crazy thought that IF God had ever made one mistake in his incredible creation, that I knew that "wind" was that mistake. I could see absolutely no good use for it... until today! Sorry Big Guy for doubting you. ;)

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valejandras said...

that is such a cute commercial. my favorite part was when he messes the lady's hair