Monday, July 16, 2007

The Brown family parties

So a few more updates have come into my google search (auto news updated) for the Browns. Quick reminder... Ed and Elaine are "barricaded" in their yard. They were convicted (not sure what the term is, but I think it's "absentia") for not paying their taxes. Yet, no one from the government has been able to show them the law that says they have to pay taxes. So the Brown's have been holed up in their home (yes armed, which I'm not in favor of, but I understand it's their right) for several months now.
First this news update from Ron Dupuis, that wrote a fairly critical article about the Browns, and even managed to give them a human face. Unlike some articles that tend to demonize them. I'm a little shocked that Ron gave them a favorable write-up after the incident with the fireworks :)

Speaking of fireworks... So you're holed up in your house, the government has armed forces outside, what do you do? In that list of things running through your mind does the word "Party" come up? Not in my mind, but in the Brown's mind it does. July 14th, they hold a bar-b-que with approx 200 people showing up. They even sent some burgers down to the two policemen at the gate (which they ate). So during this shin-dig (where did those words ever come from?) people are having a good time, listening to music, etc, when an strange white helicopter shows up (note to conspiracy theorists, update your black helicopter stories to white helicopter stories now). So via the numbers on the copter, they manage to look it up and find out the helicopter belongs to homeland security. All the while the party continued and some party goers even made some "hand gestures" and posters. (Not exactly the most mature thing, but maybe they had a few beers in them by then?) Read about the festivities here on "we the people radio network". And here is another article about the party on the "".

So, it sounds like the most fun government siege one could ever hope for (which I don't)... live bands, burgers, fireworks, helicopters.

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