Thursday, July 05, 2007

Orbo Oops

So, in the past I've blogged about this company and their new product called the Orbo. It is supposed to be some sort of "free energy" machine that puts out more energy than put in. The closer we get to learning more about this miracle device (that goes against modern day physics) the less and less impressed I am with their claims. There is still a part of me that is holding out, because I do believe that through the use of magnets (which physics doesn't really understand, much like gravity), I think a perpetual motion machine can be achieved. BUT today (July 5th) we were supposed to have been treated to a LIVE webcast demonstration in an "artsy" museum in London. Well, guess what... no go. Turns out they are claiming two problems... the first was supposed to have been a minor problem with some bearings that they fixed. The second (which sounds fishy to me) is they say it may be too warm due to the hot lights. With as much "hoopla" as they have hyped about this product, you'd think they would have accounted for these things before "going live". I also don't like how it looks like it will only be viewed inside a closed box, via cameras. I just read an article last night, a famous physicist named Richard Fenyman, was pointing out a similar "free energy" scam where the person put a tiny hole in the legs of the wooden display case, and then pumped air through it.

I also have to say that I'm a bit miffed at Steorn (The company who developed this), because I signed up for there email list to be notified as soon as new news is available... Not once have I gotten an email from them, but I depend on my own google news updater.

So, lets go here Steorn. You had better step up and get things together before your next big hyped media event.

Article from the UK ZDNet (pretty good article).
Official Steorn website (there was a webcam I saw earlier that showed a box in a room with no activity, then the video crashed out on me. Apparently their web servers are being overloaded today.

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