Monday, July 16, 2007

More Comcast...

So I got a little flier in my last comcast bill. I put it aside because I totally did not understand it. It was a pamphlet full of a whole bunch of "leagalize" in it. Something about "arbitration" which I don't know what that means. So, with this round-a-bout of Comcast customer service, this "arbitration notice" was sitting on my desk. I glanced it over and what I gathered was that it sounded like "If you do nothing after receiving this notice, we will assume that is an acceptance of these new terms and conditions". But then I thought... it sounds like I'm losing something here. So I jumped online and hit Google. Sure enough, I found a couple blog posts about this that summed it up in words that I could understand. In a nutshell... I would be giving away my right to be able to bring any complaints about comcast I might have to a small claims court. Then I saw the line that hit me... In stead, I'd be waiving my "rights" and instead bring any complaints before a third party arbitration hearing... which according to the blog, is usually more friendly to the corporations than the average Joe. They also pointed out that small claims court is also much cheaper and easier than an arbitration review!
So, luckily, Comcast set up a website for people like me who took about 15 minutes to figure all this out to "opt out" of the policy change. Really sneaky comcast. Shame on you.

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