Friday, July 27, 2007


Very depressed at the moment.
I just finished watching the movie called "Blood Diamond" with Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou (Djimon is one of my favorite actors). The movie itself was ok, as far as all the technical aspects (dialog, camera, effects, etc...)... But the STORY behind the movie is much more powerful. I won't go into describing it, it's better if you watch it yourself. I must warn you though, it's extremely violent. I'm actually surprised this didn't get an NC-17 rating, but that's probably a whole other story (sex = NC17, Violence = OK).
I think I've been paying attention to too many negative stories lately. The political landscape has me depressed. The documentaries I've seen lately has me depressed. The stories I see in the news has me depressed. And I blame myself too for not knowing how to fix things and that makes me even more depressed. I'll probably snap out of it eventually (usually do), but tonight I'm embracing it.

When will people stop treating each other poorly...


valejandras said...

my mother got really depressed for a while knowing a lot of stuff about things that now she thinks she shouldn't have to know.... then she began to get paranoid- she stopped watching the news just to calm herself down again.

ans when i want to talk about things i've read, or seen... she simply says "ignorance is bliss for me, i don't want to talk about it".

moral? take the information for what it is.... information. every once and a while an opportunity will present itself where you feel that you may be able to make a difference in one of the subjects you learn about. but don't swell your head over sad items. make sure that you capture the good that is in your life- embrace it, b/c after all the world can be a very depressing place.

everyone can over come that.

i'm not saying ignore it- just don't dwell on things that you can't change at this current time.

be well.


cyen said...

Thanks V, that's great advice. I agree, I think it was just a bunch of depressing movies in a row that got to me. I saw Harry Potter this weekend, and tonight I hope to watch "night at the museum" That's what I need is some escapism now :)
Tell your mom I said thanks for her advice too :)

valejandras said...

i love that movie! night at the museum!! it's so fun.

and you know i love to shed light on a subject.... can't keep everything in life dark, then you can't see anything else after a while.

later gator