Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter

I'm amazed at all the hype over this new harry potter book. I've been avoiding all my internet news sites that have anything to do with Harry Potter. It seems every news agency is bound and determined to "break the story" about what happens in the book. I've heard a few rumors already that if true I will curse those who posted them. Why don't people understand that we (the readers) don't want someone to tell us what happened. We want to read it for ourselves! I saw one story the other day where a woman was in the midnight line, got her hands on the book, and proceeded to read the last five pages, then OUTLOUD started to tell her daughter how it ended. OMG!
I'm starting to see reports coming in now too that people are already finished reading the book. This baffles me too. This is the LAST book in the series! You should savor every last minute of each page. In the words of Remy (from ratatouille) "DON'T JUST HORK IT DOWN!" :)
I will admit, I was excited to get my copy. I pre-ordered it from, not so much that I would be sure to get it as soon as it came out (I had it shipped to my work address and picked it up Monday). But from what I saw, they had the best price of $17.99 Please shop around before buying it. Do not pay full price of $35! And, from the stacks and stacks of books that I'm seeing everywhere, I would imagine it won't be long until these books end up on the discount rack for $6.95.
So, enjoy your book - and Don't tell us anything about it! :)

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