Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An Unreasonable Man...

A quick post tonight... (I'm tired, but I'm trying to stay up for Steven Colbert - He just finished a great "the word" segment, and also tonights Daily Show was really good too).
Since nothing was on TV tonight, I popped a Netflix movie in. Its called "Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man". It's another dvd made by Netflix, so I'm guessing that the only way you can see this movie is if your a member.
I'll be honest, I was confused by the title of the movie. I wasn't sure if this movie was going to show Ralph in a positive light or a negative light. It was positive. I still have mixed feelings over Ralph, in that I'm still new enough to politics to not know how to cast my vote. If you find a candidate that seems to speak for everything you believe in, and yet you know has NO chance in possibly winning, do you still vote for them anyway? I know many voters probably wrestled with this. I no longer blame Ralph for losing anything to the Bush regime. I never really blamed him before, but I can certainly understand how it looks. The movie did a pretty good job of explaining it (I won't even attempt it). Of course, that was only a very small portion of the movie, the movie was about the highlights of Ralph's life.
-- interruption---
I wonder how many of my blog posts would improve if I stopped writting them DURING the daily show and the Colbert Report. Colbert just cracked me up for almost getting in a fist fight with John Cougar Melloncamp - too funny!
--- back to the post ---
So it's a little ironic, that today on the internet I heard that Ralph may consider running again. If he does, I'll be faced with the same moral dilemma, do you cast a vote for who you believe in, or vote for the lesser of the worst candidates? I almost hope that Ralph won't run just so I won't have to face this question.
Go rent this movie or at least go visit his website here

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