Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No Justice in this police state...

Well, I kinda knew this was going to happen, but I was really hoping I'd be wrong. Of course I guess I need to preface this by saying the only "evidence" I had seen was from a youtube video, so I didn't know all the "facts" around this. But, I really find it difficult to believe that Officer Joey Williams used an "acceptable" amount of force (aka choking a 14 year old boy)... for skateboarding on a sidewalk (on national skateboarding day).
I'll post the link to the forbes news site that has the latest but be warned its full of pop-ups and obnoxious flash ads.

You know, on a much larger scale...
I read a short piece this morning about how a holocaust survivor has decided to move back to Germany, because he is seeing the same patterns happening here in America. That may be a little extreme, but I understand where he's coming from. We have a president who is claiming to be "above the law" by using "executive privilege to escape submitting papers to the Senate. A Vice president who is simply making up his own rules and claiming he's not part of the executive branch, you have Government agencies "spying" on us American citizens. The Pres also just "semi-pardoned" a convicted felon for endangering a CIA operative and putting our national security at risk. We have national guard troops in foreign lands in a violent occupation. We have the local police getting in increasingly more violent confrontations with us citizens. There's currently a "waco style" standoff going on in New Hampshire regarding taxes, the the media is not giving one ounce of coverage. We have the Democrats who said "we will change things" now that they are in control of the house and senate, and not a thing has changed. Our Gov is kidnapping foreigners and holding them indefinitely in secret prisons and using various levels of torture on them...
HOW bad does it have to get until someone, or a group of someone's steps up and says "enough".
I'm looking ahead to the next election, and seeing some of the current candidates, and I don't see any hope for change. I'm beginning to loose hope in the political system again. There was a new bill introduced the other day that makes our voting system "protected" under a secret government agency, that won't let us use paper ballots. It just seems to be getting worse.


valejandras said...

you know- i've been wanting to move out of the u.s. for quite sometime now, just don't know where the best country would be to "run" to.

i hear your plight. i hear everyone's plight, but unfortunately everyone seems to be brainwashed in the blasted country. no one thinks for themselves... and it sucks!

and at the same time, i'm just trying to get by- just trying to make sense of my little world. and so is the mass majority.

they say that it only takes one person to make a difference, but does it really? what difference did it make when kanye west said that *ssh*le doesn't like black people? nothing it just made people more upset at the obvious and he stated what he PERCEIVED and all others perceived as well.

find that group, cyen... find that group that is willing to say "that's enough!" and join them in the fight to clear this wicked state of such scrutiny- find them and spread the word.

i'll join


valejandras said...

happy reading to you.....

overthrow the government

cyen said...

Thanks V,
I wish I knew a group that might be willing to step up. I have joined two groups now that I believe are making a difference... The ACLU (I joined when I first heard they were the ones fighting back in regards to the illegal wiretaps). I also just recently joined the EFF... this is a little more "techy" based, but they do fight for things I care about mostly "freedom of speech". I would encourage you and everyone else reading this, to join one or both groups. I think you can join for only about $25 each.
I will be keeping my eyes open for more "active" groups too, and if I hear anything I'll post.
I'm also going to try and learn more about how I can communicate with my elected representatives. I don't really know the process. I also don't know if it will do any good, but it's something "I" can do, rather than just donate money.

Thanks for the link too. I will check it out.