Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Little People...

I find myself wanting to make/see art again. I find it interesting that it tends to come and go this urge for creativity. For the most part, I consider myself a creative person (If only I actually DID the ideas that are in my head only, then others might view me as a creative person more ;). So today's post is about a cool (although pointless) series of art (photographs) where this person hand paints little tiny human figures (They look like the little models you see on model train platforms). Then the person sets them outside and takes photos of them. Some are pretty clever, and some just like to mess with your brain in regards to perspective and questioning reality (always a good thing). So check 'em out. I found this link via the MAKE blog.

Oh and I am thinking of a new project to start soon... I want to build my own table(s). If/when I tackle this I'll try and take some photos.

I happened to see a show on PBS last night too on Rembrant. I have to be honest, the show made me loose interest about half-way through, but what I did enjoy was seeing the close up shots of some of his paintings. I never really looked at his paintings before, and they are magical. I think I'm getting ready to take a day trip over to the local art museum soon.


valejandras said...

i love this site... that was a cool post... i will visit this blog for a while. it gives cool perspective.... hee hee.

cyen said...