Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I signed on tonight and decided to check my web statistics for this here blog. Lately my numbers are much higher than normal, which surprises me. For some reason a lot of people are finding my website via a google search for "tom cryer". (welcome!)
So tonight, I see a hit that came from an unusual source... it said the!? What? The Wall Street Journal?! me?! So I clicked the link, and sure enough, at the VERY bottom of this online article is a mention of one of my blog posts! I don't know if these blog posts are generated automatically based on keywords, or if the author actual listed my blog, either way, I feel kinda honored. Thank you Stephanie Kang, (or thank you bot).
Read the full article here.

Since I'm on a roll here about shoes... I found a post online today about these incredibly odd "shoes"... Made by "Vibram" (who are more known for producing the non-marking rubber soles on other brand shoes)... These look really cool, but something tells me they are probably uncomfortable as anything! I can't imagine with all the variations of people's toe shapes and sizes that these shoes would fit the average person. That being said, I like the concept. Crazy!
Hmm... I wonder how you'd try these on in the store to see if they fit? You'd have to take your socks off, which means you'd be sticking your foot in where someone else just stuck their smelly foul feet... EWWW!

side note: If some of you are wondering about how I am "tracking" people who visit my blog... it's not some sort of conspiracy... I use a free online web counter that provides me with general statistics. This information is not a secret and is generated by most all websites. There is no personal data being collected at all. I just get to see how many people visit my website, what link they clicked on to find my website, and any "keyword" searches they did to find my website on google (or another search engine). It's a really great service, and if you have a website, I would highly recommend Did I mention it's FREE too?!

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valejandras said...

i like that stat counter... it's kewl. lol