Tuesday, June 26, 2007

X-Files spin-off

Wow, kinda creepy isn't it?
This used to be one of my favorite shows on TV at the time. There were these 3 goofy guys (aka nerds and geeks) who ran a self published newsletter called "the lone gunmen" all about UFO's, Gov Conspiracy, etc... Once the X-file's started to get a little old, this show started up as a spin-off. It was hoaky for sure, but it was kinda meant to be. These guys were sort of bumbling into things they shouldn't have been into. But hey, for me it was entertaining.
So, tonight I surfed on over to one of my newly discovered blogs (regarding conspiracy related issues), and I see a post in the forums called "the lone gunmen"... naturally I clicked on it to see what it was about. When I saw this video clip, I could hardly believe it. I don't know the time frame for this show, but I think it was in the mid to late 90's. Anyway, I had to post it here. I'm not saying anything (yet), I'm just posting this link.


valejandras said...

what the hell?! now that's a scary thought....

cyen said...

Maybe I've hidden it pretty well on my blog, but I am a bit of a "conspiracy kook". I don't believe it all mind you, and I agree some theories are really out there, but it fascinates me to think "what if". I myself would LOVE to think that there is absolutely NO way that anyone in our Gov. had a thing to do with this tragedy, but I also listen to some of the theories and try to keep an open mind. I've been hearing a lot about the WTC building number 7 and I have a lot of questions there.
Wow, this is a long winded response... sorry.
Google "false flag" or "operation northwoods" and you'll see why this really is scary.
Today, I also looked up on imdb when this episode aired... I think it aired on may of 2001, only 4 months before it actually happened. Scary indeed.

valejandras said...

wow! that is totally scary. i will google those... oh and i like long winded responses. yay!