Tuesday, June 26, 2007

police state

The above video I found from Reddit... You know, I still have not gotten around to reading the book 1984, but I'm sure EVERYONE has heard the term "Big Brother" and how "they" are watching you, with camera's everywhere. I wish I can remember where I heard it, but just the other day, I heard someone say that YouTube may be a hugely important social website and for this reason of showing "big brother" in ways that may not be considered "right". Then they said that all these people with video cameras in their cell phones, digital cameras, etc... The tables are slowly being turned, and that "Big Brother" has to now watch out for "Little Brothers". I loved that term... so to these skateboarding "punks" - Right on Little Brothers.

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valejandras said...

i'm curious as to if this was used in court when they were presented to a judge..... that was completely uncalled for that those police officers do that, and conduct themselves that way.