Friday, June 08, 2007

great comic today

A great comic today over on xkcd (click to enlarge).

It's been a slow week for blogging. I guess I just didn't have much to say this week. Things have been busy at work (which is nice). I'm almost finished a book! I hope to finish it up tonight actually... It's called the "The Third Secret", and it's supposed to be a murder mystery type book about the death of a pope. The tagline on the book made a reference to the DaVinci code, but I can't find a thing about it that relates to the DaVinci Code. Regardless, it's been an ok read, and simply a little entertainment for the mind. I have a small fascination on the Catholic religion too... their rituals and traditions seem so foreign to me (with some that seem to go against what I've read in the Bible, but that's a whole other story). And like any true bibliophile junkie, just this past week I bought two new books from amazon (had a gift certificate!) One about Nicola Tesla, and one about Robots. I'm looking forward to both, and I'm not sure which one to start next. I HOPE the Tesla book can keep me interested, I find other people's lives interesting, but biographies are usually a struggle for me to get into.
Other than that, just trying to stay cool now. It's about 88 and 54% humidty here, but I'm resisting turning on my AC (which sucks too... the coolest it gets in here is 82 with the AC on!).

Peace out
Namaste (to quote V and the Hanso Foundation ;)

Oh, one more thing... My sis has complimented me on her blog the other day by saying that I was conspiracy prone ;) On that note, I discovered a new conspiracy related blog earlier in the week... TruthEra. (Coincidence?) TruthEra seems a little out there, but a true conspiracy site... mentions of the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group pn the front page and one of my favorite books "Rule by Secrecy" is one of their prize giveaways! I'm going to have to check on this blog more often.

In other news, I also just found the book by George Orwell (which I also learned was a pseudonym for Eric Blair) 1984 online via the gutenberg project. I will have to try reading this too in my spare time.


JWD said...

I can't remember if you've read 1984 before or not. Have you? It is chilling, but an excellent read. Although I don't think I could do it online. Especially with the font and (lack of) layout on that site. Hm.

cyen said...

hard to believe, I've never read it before. I've heard so much about it that I feel like I've read it though. Lets see if the read stands up to the hype. Yeah, should be intersting trying to read online... I have a difficult time though spending 8$ or more for a book that is in the public domain. (due to copyright limits, not because it was stolen.)

valejandras said...

heeeeeeeeeey, just got through readin' some of your blogs... man o' man, i've been working so hard at keeping up with my new responsibilities at work that i haven't had time to read anything... just enough time to sneak in my writings... hee hee.

i love the comic... it's silly.

hope your day goes well.

be well.


valejandras said...

oh, and i read 1984 in high school and haven't since then, so i may join you in the read.