Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another French movie...

Its late here. almost 2 in the morning, and I'm a bit bleary eyed, but I wanted to post this before hitting the hay...
I went with my friend tonight into the big city to see a movie. It was like the old days (we used to go into the city on occasion to see these smaller independent and foreign films there). Then we got our own movie theatre nearby that showed the same films (it was the same name theatres). Well, about 4-5 months ago... the chain of about 4 theatres finally got bought out by "National Amusements". It hasn't been as bad as what some said (though I think they will be getting worse as time goes on, but we'll see). Anyway, Sorry if I'm rambling... The theatres in the city were bought out by a California independent chain and NOT National Amusements. So tonight we took a gamble and headed into the city to see if things had changed for the worse.
Much to our surprise, things had not changed at all! It was really great to see this small indy theatre still standing strong.
The movie... that's right....
It was really good! It is called Mon meilleur ami (My best friend). Subtitles of course... (little side rant about the subtitles... at times they had white letters overlapping a scene with a white background! Only happened a few times, but it was very annoying!) The film started off a bit slow and is very "dry" - but either it started to pick up on it's own, or I got sucked in. Turns out it was a nice fun movie about a guy who had no friends, but rather "business contacts". He didn't know how to make friends, so he meets up with a local taxi driver who attempts to show him how to meet people. Turns out the Taxi driver (Bruno) has some problems of his own. If you get the chance, go see this movie, if nothing else, be sure to rent it.
Oui Oui! :)
Oh one more thing... I thought it very funny that throughout most of the film the music in the background was one of those "squeeze boxes" (My friend new the name of it, but I forgot what he said). Does EVERY French film have this music in it? :)

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