Monday, August 13, 2007

Hell's Kitchen

Ok, maybe I shouldn't admit this on my blog, but what the hey... I've been watching a show that I NEVER thought I would watch... Its called, Hell's Kitchen. It's another reality TV show that focuses on a competition of chefs trying to compete to win the right to manage a high end kitchen in Las Vegas. The head chef (host of the show) is named "Chef Gordon Ramsay" is a loud obnoxious and rude person (I'm sure it's part of the act for the show to bring in ratings - it worked on me). I think part of the reason I started watching this show was because there was nothing else good on! (lame excuse I know). But, like most of the reality shows I choose to watch, I'm fascinated by the psychology of the characters. They had some real doosey's on this one. One guy would cry at the drop of the hat, another guy swore he knew how to cook, but would consistently either undercook or overcook his dishes, several drama queens, etc... By the end of the show, I actually cared who was going to win. Congrats Rock! And Kudo's to Bonnie, I was especially impressed with how Bonnie dealt with the loss, she was very gracious, and sincerely happy for her opponent.
At the end of the show, they had a promo for a new show (I think in the fall), with Chef Ramsay again... but this time, he's visiting other chef's kitchens. Ugh... I don't think I want to see goes on behind some of those kitchen doors (one quick scene shows a ton of bugs coming out of the refrigerator!) I may have to give this show a chance too.
For what it's worth... I totally agreed with Chef's decision to choose Rock as the winner. He earned it.


valejandras said...

hey cyen- sorry i haven't been around for a while.

i too watched this show. since my sister is going to the C.I.A. in NY i've been more interested in chef style shows... and this one i loved.

and you're right- Rock did earn that slot.


cyen said...

Hey V,
I noticed it seemed a little quiet on the intertubes last week. Hope all is well.
Sis going to C.I.A. - VERY COOL! I HOPE her experience is nothing like Hell's Kitchen! :)
Wish her luck from me. Is she going to specialize in anything? ie: Pastry, Souz (sp?)...
I wonder if I went if they had a "microwave" specialty, I'm a whiz with that number pad. ;)

valejandras said...

nice! i don't think that they have a specialty in micro though... if it makes you feel better i'll certify

she is specializing in pastry... she really wants to concentrate on specialty cakes. she is so good already. i'll see if i can post some pics later.