Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The next president...

Now this is something my little brain can understand when it comes to picking the next president. A simple chart that shows the current candidates opinions on where they stand on the issues. It cuts through all the political mumbo-jumbo and makes it easy to compare candidates. And then, some clever person went ahead and made a small program on the web that lets you input YOUR stances on the issues, then it shows you who you most match up with! Awesome. I'm not saying I'll vote based on this (for all I know the program is rigged like the voting machines ;) But it's a great starting point to cut through all the junk.
Here's an image of the candidates positions on flickr.
and here's the link to the small program.
I found this on boingboing.
Much to my surprise, I learned that most of my stances are from a candidate that I know nothing about. Ugh... now I have to learn more about him.

PS> Sorry for the double post yesterday... I had a problem posting and got a couple errors from blogger. I guess one of the attempts posted twice.

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valejandras said...

this sounds cool... can't wait to try it.

thanks for sharing!