Friday, August 24, 2007

What would you protest over?

So the topic of this post I called "What would you protest over?" - think about that today. Is there something that either a person, a company, a situation, etc... that would either anger, upset, or whatever the reason make you want to pick up a sign, and stand outside with it to let everyone know that you have been wronged. I'm still thinking about it myself, so no pressure. (If you have protested something [and I'm not talking about a blog post] please post in the comments why you felt compelled to).

I ask this question because it hit me after reading 3 webpages today...
The first one that got me fired up is this story I read over on the This person was physically blocked, then verbally assaulted after refusing to show the guard his receipt upon checkout. This hit home for me, because I have a real problem with these "receipt checks" and they annoy me. For the most part, I comply (mainly because it is part of the policy that I agreed to when I became a member of the BJ's clubstore). But it still annoys me every time I shop there. IF I were to go to any other store that had this practice I will not comply, if I'm not a member. Anyway, this situation quickly got out of hand, and Shaneal was treated very poorly. (In the time it took me to eat my pizza, I have learned that TigerDirect has made good and apologized and apparently fired the security guard. I don't think he needed to be fired unless this wasn't the only problem they had).
After reading this story, I scrolled down and was reading some of the comments. Many people sided with Shaneal, and gave him their support and words of advice. While others couldn't understand it at all, because it could have all been averted if he simply showed the guard his receipt. That's when I realized... other people don't mind being detained and inconvenienced for whatever reason. They just see it as "that's the way it is" I guess.

So then I read this story next... "Why has congress failed Americans".
it's long so I'll nutshell it for ya... Congress used to be "for the people". It was our way to make sure that the other branches of government stays in check and don't abuse their power. Well, I'm certainly not happy with today's congress. So this article managed to stir my ire just a little more.

Then I read this story next... called "Amerika 2007".
This one really got to me. Again, I have stated before, I sometimes have a problem with authority. Especially the abuse of authority really gits to me. :)
Again, I'll nutshell it for ya...
This guy is unhappy with the political environment so he choose to hold a sign that said "Impeach Bush / Cheney" up at an overpass near his place of work. He was by himself, not with a group of people. A police officer shows up, asks him how much longer he would be there, and then asks for his ID and detains him until his supervisor gets there. The supervisor gets there and proceeds to place the man under arrest and puts him in handcuffs, and takes him down to the station. He was then processed, photographed, interrogated and eventually given a court date. The charge you ask... "Blocking the sidewalk" which was later changed by the police to "endangering motorists". There is no follow up to this so I'm not sure if it was resolved, or if his case is still pending.
But again, I scrolled down and started reading some of the comments. Again, some people supported him while others chastised him... like "Maybe you shouldn't of been blocking the sidewalk. You got exactly that you wanted." This boggles my mind.
I have to say that I admire this guy for protesting. I don't know if I would. I'm not sure why either. That's when I stumbled upon the question... is there anything that would get me upset enough to go protest. I'm still not sure.

One more thing... I have stumbled upon a new idea that I'm going to launch into the blogosphere here... in regards to this idea of protesting. Ever hear of a website called "where's George?" I did this for some time, until I realized that no one was submitting my dollar bills. So I stopped. Well, not too long ago, I revisited this website and thought, If only this idea could be used for something more important. So that's when it hit me... combine protesting with "where's george" and it may lead to getting your message out to a lot of people. Simply write "Impeach Bush / Cheney" on a dollar bill. BUT... you ask... Isn't it illegal to deface a dollar Bill? No it's not. It's illegal to render it unusable, but not for putting marks on it. Here's the law from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
Get your pens out America :)


JWD said...

Ooooh, I like that "Impeach Bush/Cheney" on the dollar bills idea...

cyen said...

Thanks jwd!
I thought it rather brilliant if I do say so myself. I spent my first one today and it felt weird. It was like I was expecting the cashier to say something, and then for a split second, I wasn't sure how I would react... Do I deny being the one who wrote it? Do I explain my reasons? I've got to learn a bit more about it, so I'm prepared with an intelligent answer. Maybe I'll make up a card, or paper to hand someone with a website like
I think it's funny to imagine too what would happen if the cashier now offers it to a bush supporter :) Would they deny taking that dollar? Would they take it, and then not spend it? Things that make me go Hmmm :)
If you decide to try this, let me know how it felt for you too...