Monday, August 20, 2007

Further into geekdom I go...

I wasn't sure if I was going to admit this, but what the hey...
I took another step further into geekdom on Friday. (As my friend said, "I didn't think that was possible.") I had a moment of weakness and bought a new computer game... World of Warcraft. I had vowed that I would not pay for a game on a subscription based model. I mean, it is genius on the end of Blizzard (the company who makes w.o.w.), take something that people become addicted too (some psychiatrists want to list video game additcion as a disease like other addictions!) and then keep them paying on a monthly basis to continue playing the game. I refused to subscribe to yet another service in my life (I've wanted to get a Tivo for a long time). I've been doing really well with putting aside some savings to one day be able to buy a house, and subscriptions are sneaky about draining your bank account little by little (phone, cable, netflix, etc...) But as I said, it was a moment of weakness. I justified it a hundred different ways in my head and took the plunge.
OK, all that being said... I'm enjoying the game so far. I've not gotten much sleep at all this weekend, and my eyes are a bit bloodshot, but it was fun. If you are not familiar with the game, I won't bore you with all the geek-details, lets just say, you sign on line, and play this game (similar to Dungeons and Dragons) and along with playing against the computer, you are playing either against or with other live people from around the world - it add's a real unpredictability to the game. Kinda like the Sims, but with real people and fake swords :)
So, if you find I'm not posting as much lately, you'll know why. I'm either online killin monsters, or online reading tutorial websites, or got my nose burried in a book about strategies. (It's a huge complicated game!) But, I look at it like, a relatively cheap form of entertainment.
If friends and family wish to roll their eyes at this point, I totally understand :)

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