Monday, August 27, 2007

This Just In...

I almost thought it was a hoax when I saw the #1 spot on Reddit today...
Alberto Gonzales RESIGNED TODAY!!!
Man they are jumping ship faster than rats on a sinking pile of cheese (I just made that up, it doesn't make any sense does it). Rove is GONE, Alberto is GONE, Scooter is GONE (and in jail).
Only two more need to be kicked out now... Can you guess which two? :)
January can't come soon enough.
(There is one small glitch to this news though... Bush gets to appoint yet another to replace Gonzales. Lets see who he picks this time.)
This news just made my day!!!
I think I'll go home and celebrate by having a newly discovered beer that I really like... Amstel Light.

Rats, Tecnorati Tag generator is down :( and I'm too lazy to code it by hand. - cool i just another one here - thanks Frank.

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