Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Home Movies

Yay! I just got a new package today from Amazon! I had gotten a gift certificate, so I bought something that I wouldn't usually buy (a DVD). I bought the 4th season of the cartoon show called "Home Movies". It was a short lived (4 seasons) cartoon on the cartoon channel's "adult swim." I think the early episodes were some of the best, but I had to complete my set. If you have not seen the series, imagine Jon Stewart as a little 8 year old kid with a video camera. His wit is sharp and dry and very funny. Then throw in some great supporting characters my two favorites are (were) Jason (Brendon's odd ball friend) and Coach McGuirk, the school's Soccer coach who hates soccer (and kids). I just typed out my favorite scene from the series and after reading it it sounded so "unfunny"... you really have to appreciate the dialoge and the way it's delivered to get the "funny". Note: This is not a cartoon for kids I suppose... they have a PG-13 rating. Most are probably OK, but some of the episodes are a little rough.
Go rent the first season if you've not seen it.

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