Tuesday, August 07, 2007

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I've been busy lately with the water rockets these past view days, but I've had a few links I've gathered that I've been wanting to blog about.

You may (or not) remember that a few months ago, and UFO was reported directly over one of the runways of the O'Hare airport. Apparently several pilots and crew saw the object. They reported it as being large and hovering then all of a sudden it took off straight up and left a hole in the clouds! Since then, I've heard rumors on the web, that there was some video footage shot by one of the crew and that Dan Akroyd (yes, from the blues brothers) had bought the footage. (I do know that Dan is a big paranormal fan). Well, my google alerts tonight talks about a big announcement regarding this event will be talked about at the MUFON's 38th International UFO Symposium on August 10-12th in Denver Colorado. I wish I could be there. I hope they post follow up info on the web after the event.
News article here on livescience.com.
and MUFON symposium site is here.

John Lennon vs the US - movie review...
I watched this movie Sunday night. I really liked it. I never knew that John was such a peace activist. (I don't know much about the Beatles to be honest). It was a really good documentary and what shocked me the most was how many of the pieces of footage from the 60's and 70's had such a familiar ring to it as far as comparing the Bush administration to the Nixon Administration. It was almost like history was repeating itself. I'd encourage you to rent the movie for that reason alone. I had another shocking thought... It's really dangerous to be a pacifist! Who would have thought right? Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther, John Lennon (to name a few) were all shot and killed (well one was shot with a spear, but you get my point). That's kinda scary.
And then, speaking of scary... the night after I watched this DVD I find this video on youtube (I won't embed it, just click on this link) of a Police Riot in Tacoma. (Warning some language not safe for work or kids). The video starts off with the crowd singing "All we are saying... is give peace a chance." Odd timing don't ya think?

A few days ago I posted a story about a couple who had a run-in with the law about how they had a flag hanging upside down. Turns out the charges against them were dropped (gee ya think?). I'm linking to this article, but it is worded in such a way as to make the police sound like they did nothing wrong. Granted, I'm only basing my opinion on what happened from another internet post, so who's to say which one is right.

since I'm on a roll here...
So can you believe that with all of the hearings going on in the Senate about the alleged "Illegal" wiretapping by the Bush admin... what does the Senate go and do just before taking their month long vacation? The pass a law that makes it easier for wiretapping US citizens.
Unbelievable. Read more on the Rawstory.com here.

I'm still sitting on a story I wrote about the Ed Brown case... I still have not decided if I want to post it or not. Time will tell.

Have a good Tuesday!

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