Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Lion Friday!

I think the above video just made my weekend! I'll just copy/paste the text explanation or you can go to this link to read the same thing.

- Lion Reunites with Humans -
This lion was reared by the guys in the vid,he was then released into the wild in africa but a year later the guys returned to see if he was doing OK.
Check out the look on the lions face as he realises-"thats not food its my MATES!!"
Whats mad is the wild lions hes friends with never met the humans but they are totally passive towards them.
I love this clip,and think its better than any amount of lion snuff vids that get posted about the place.

It's photos/video's like these that reinforces my belief that animals have a soul. Not to get all heavy metaphysical, but I think the idea that there is more to an animal than just it being a living thing is evident. I first had this idea when I used to hold my cat up to the mirror. The cat somehow knew that it was looking at an image of itself (unlike kittens who will often react to their mirror image). At some point in the cat's life it became "self-realized".
I probably just spoiled the magic of this video clip by throwing out this meta-mumbo-jumbo - sorry :)

PS> I've never tried embedding the video from "" before so if it doesn't work, just click the link above.

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