Sunday, August 12, 2007

UFO's in Haiti?

My Sister hipped me to this new video making it's rounds on the intertubes (thanks Sis!). She asked me what I thought (real or fake)... I didn't really commit, but I said it looks too good to be true. I said, that if this footage were accompanied by some other form of ID (other witnesses, different media, etc...) then I'd say these should really be looked into!
Well, it only took a matter of a few days and someone has really presented pretty good evidence that these look to be fake. The trees!
Watch the top video first... Now the second... that's the original footage.
Now watch the third video... it points out what the effects guy did wrong.
Kudos to OriginalDrDil (If he's the original person to make this video).

I saw one comment too in one of the many videos posted to youtube, that said the program used was Vue 6 - could be. There do seem to be some similarities (such as the wind effects in the palm trees) I had hoped to see an exact match in the palm trees of the demo but I didn't see one. (By the way, it looks like an AWESOME program!)

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