Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Popeye da sailor man... toot toot

A new DVD was just released (I think yesterday - why are all new dvd's released on Tuesday?).
It is a 4 DVD set containing all the Popeye cartoons from 1933-1938. I suppose a true geek would know the answer to this, and if I spent a few minutes bothering to look it up, I might be able to find the answer, but I'm lazy today. Popeye, was never really my favorite cartoon, I was a true Bug's Bunny fan, and if a popeye cartoon came on, it just meant I couldn't watch my favorites. But somewhere along the line, I realized there were two sets of Popeye cartoons... the OLD ones I started to really enjoy. I remember they always started with a view of the ships deck, and the titles would appear inside of a door. That's what I'm too lazy to look up, to see who the company was. What set these cartoons apart from the other popeye's were two things... the animation was loose and free, and the soundtrack is what really did it... Popeye would always mumble things. It wasn't until I paid attention that sometimes he mumbled some great one-liners.
I would consider buying this set, but at $45 it's a bit steep for me. I think I'll just wait a little while and see if Netflix gets them. I realized a while ago... I should never have to buy another DVD as long as I'm a member of Netflix. I see it as my own personal warehouse of ALL the DVD's I'd ever want to watch. Less clutter in my apartment too ;)

"I yam what I yam"

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