Sunday, August 05, 2007

Makephilly Water Rockets

Today (Sunday) was another HOT day here on the east coast. I had this event on my calendar for about a month and was really looking forward to it, until we hit this "heat wave" of several 90 degree days back to back. According to the local weather, they said today was supposed to be "only" in the high 80's. Well, it was HOT. I built my "water rocket" yesterday, with the idea that I still wasn't sure if I was going to go or not. But I figured, I'd at least have fun building the rocket. Well, in spite of 90+ degrees on Saturday, and several "hic-cups" in my building of the rocket (nearly epoxied my fingers together, and had a run-in with some expandable foam in my beard!), I was able to "slap" something together in between running in and out of the air conditioning.
This morning, I almost didn't go about 3-4 times. I had a nasty headache, I slept late, I forgot my directions and had to go back to get them, etc... but something (not sure what) kept pushing me forward. Next thing I knew I was at the park and scarfing down some hotdogs, sweating like crazy, and having a blast with the water rockets. As usual... after all was said and done, I was glad that I went. And to "toot" my own horn... I think my rocket was the highlight of the rockets as far as a successful launch, but I very much enjoyed the other rockets too and the different design ideas. That's what I love about this group ( is the creativity and ingenuity.
I took video this time instead of "still shots" due to the subject matter. I think it worked much better. I posted them to youtube tonight, and due to a new "rule" on youtube that you can't post more than 10 minute videos (that stinks!) I had to cut my 15 minute video into 2 parts.
I hope to put together a second video that would be much shorter and only contain the highlights for the many of us on the web that had "internet ADD" :)


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