Thursday, January 17, 2008

909 rythm composer

I saw this website somewhere in my travels and thought it really cool... Someone took the sounds from an old Drum kit (a Roland TR-909 to be specific) and made a web program out of it. Really cool! It's just fun to play with. I'm not sure if the "save" feature works (kinda doubt it), so don't go spending hours working on a beat only to find out later you can't save it. It makes me miss my old drum machine. I remember it was a roland, but I don't think it was this model, but it was something similar. I sold it after not using it for a long time for a few bucks, when I thought that the technology has so outdated it, yet now, looking back, I'd wish I kept it just for fun. Ah well.

feeling 10x better today. I took off work yesterday (slow day) and spent most of it reading and sleeping in bed. Woke up this morning and the cold was practically gone. Awesome!

I thought there was something else but I can't recall now.

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