Sunday, January 06, 2008

Google buys Grandcentral

I hope I don't regret this decision later on, it was a moment of weakness that I had where I dropped my guard of protecting my personal information from a corporation (and an online corporation at that!). But, at this point I still trust Google to "not be evil".
A long time ago, I heard of a web application called "grand central". I'm not sure I can describe it to a "T" but in a nutshell (from what I understand so far), it lets you assign a sort of "Grand central phone number" for yourself. Actually, it's really hard for me to describe what it's practical use is because I've only just learned about it myself. Here's a good nutshell description from their website:
Based in Fremont, California, GrandCentral provides an innovative web-based voice communications platform that helps you manage all your phones and phone numbers through one simple interface. You get a single phone number that forwards to all of your phones, giving you one number for life.

It's funny... I signed up for this because I think it's something cool! Yet, I have phoneaphobia... I HATE picking up and using the telephone. I hate answering them, and I hate using them. I have a cell phone but never use it except for rare occasions. So I'm not sure how (or even if) this grand central program will help me but it's fun learning about it.
It is in "private beta" right now, but I signed up and they invited me within 24hours to join, so I guess they'll take anyone at this point :)
Check it out at
I didn't make it clear did I, this is a new company that GOOGLE has "acquired" recently. That's what makes me trust them to give them my name and phone number (I think I had to give them my address and age too).

NOTE: Right now it's all FREE to use and try out... I suspect (like skype) they'll move to some sort of fee once they figure out how to get people hooked :)

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