Thursday, January 31, 2008

Verizon Fios strike 2

Well, If you have visited my blog in the past, chances are you read one of my rants over Comcast. Comcast and I have not gotten along to well. Things like removing channels from my lineup (like Cspan2) and then increasing my rate - just burns me up.
So when I heard that my apartment complex was getting FIOS I was really psyched to switch. I would be getting a much faster internet at about $5 more per month, and then the added benefit of FIOS TV CHEAPER than Comcast and with more channels! Well, over the past two weeks now, I've been really disappointed in what FIOS has to offer me.
First... I learned that back when I first learned about FIOS, the price for internet was around $35 per month. This was around May of 2006 (if not later). Well, now that it's here, guess what I learned... Those prices are no longer available. Now, the slowest FIOS connection is a whopping $43! Yikes! That's a pretty big price increase in a short amount of time there Verizon. So, I thought about it and decided my current DSL is fast enough for me. and I'm only paying $30.
Second... So I decide to keep my DSL, and just get the TV plan. I go online, and start checking prices. yes... Their TV package is only $43 and it would give me MANY more channels than what I currently get with Comcase where I pay $57 a month. GREAT! So tonight, I put aside some time to sign up. I got a letter the other day from FIOS and found out they want to charge me a $29.99 installation fee... but if I order online it says the $30 fee is waived - great! Odd, but great! Well, when I punch in my phone number, I learn that the ONLY way I can order the TV, is if I ALSO order their $43 internet! WHAT?! Sure enough, after talking to an online rep, that seems to be the case. (the online rep was not very helpful at all).
So now, I'm trying to figure out all these complicated pricing plans on their website...
One page, tells me I can get TV and Internet for LESS than $85 per month... But when I hit the order form, it tells me Internet and TV cost $86 - huh? Then I learn that I also HAVE to rent the settop box for an additional $4 per month! Now see, that's just wrong. It's like selling someone a car, then saying "but if you want wheels, that will cost you extra". GRRR...
Then, I learn that even though, the $30 installation fee is waived, I'll be charged a one time $20 "processing fee"!? What? Why?!
Finally, I think, this is way too confusing for me online, I need to talk to someone over there. I can't find their phone number online (their contact page doesn't work for me for some reason). So I asked the online rep for a phone number. After punching in all the several buttons in order to speak to the right person, I finally get a live person, who tells me "oh, you need to call the special FIOS phone number". GRRRRRR.....
Again, I push all the buttons, and proceed to be put on hold for an estimated 8 minutes because there are 80 people in front of me! wow! the next prompt comes on and tells me I'll be on hold for 9 minutes because there are now 78 people in front of me - huh? less people, but my wait time went up? Grrrrrr.
Finally... I hung up the phone.
Now, after crunching the numbers I'm realizing, that it's almost a complete equal pay...
$57 cable + $30 internet = $87 for Comcast and DSL (including taxes and fees) - versus -
$86 internet and TV + $4 settop box + $2 fee = $92 for FIOS! PLUS TAXES + FEES
So, my dreams of dumping Comcast have been dashed on the rocks now.
I'm bummed.
FIOS - you lost a customer before I even had a chance to sign up. :(

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