Thursday, January 24, 2008

Texas UFO's

So, I didn't really post about this UFO story when I first became aware of it. At first glance, it just sounded like a few locals saw some funny lights... But just now I got my email update and it's like someone just let the you-know-what hit the fan... Turns out initially the military denied there were any planes in the area (even though witnesses said they saw 2 jets chasing one of the said ufo's). Well, surprise... today the military just announced "oops, we were wrong, we did have jets in the are, we didn't think you were talking about those jets."
You know, this is what fuels so many ufo buffs, is the fact that you can never seem to get a straight answer from "the authorities".
Anyway, I'm curious about this sighting now and found this blog post that contains part of the news article. Jim has a theory to "debunk" it all, but it seems to go against what the witnesses saw, so it sounds like Jim is barking up the wrong tree. (no offense Jim).
I too have seen the flares that Jim talks about, and I admit, when I first saw them they freaked me out! But after about 5 minutes of watching them, and realizing that we were near an air force base, we realized they were flares.
The thing that interests me about these sightings too, is that one of the witnesses is/was a pilot. You'd think a pilot might be able to tell the difference between a military jet and a ufo.
Interesting story though.

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