Saturday, January 05, 2008

I fell for it...

Well, I was able to put it off for only so long, but I finally fell into the trap of repeated requests for my money... Yep, I just donated money (not a lot) to a presidential candidate. I believe that money should not be involved with a presidential race, but I finally caved in and said "well, that's how it really works - money talks". It wasn't so much that it was the repeated emails asking me for money (I kinda knew that was going to happen), but rather it was seeing the guy that I want to win on TV tonight. Dennis Kucinich was on Bill Moyers Journal on PBS tonight. Actually, so was my other favorite - Ron Paul. The show is on the PBS website already, check it out here to see Dennis. I really like what Dennis says and this is my small way in helping out. Dennis is NOT able to participate in the debate by ABC in tomorrow nights debate. On the Moyers show, they both talk about how the mass media (often times funded by corporations who would be hurt financially if Dennis (Or Ron) were to be elected President) are not being fair to the American people by putting Dennis or Paul in their debates. Dennis goes on to point out that there is very little difference in the three "main" democratic candidates, so therefore it's not much of a debate.
I know he's an extreme long shot, and that the money I just donated would have been better spent in the grocery store, but one can hope.
Peace through Strength.
Good Luck Dennis. See the ad he wants to run during the debates. (Note... I HOPE they change that background music with the electric guitars. That's bad.)

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