Tuesday, January 01, 2008

movie time

Two quick movie reviews here...

Knocked up (imdb)>
I wasn't sure about this movie. I had heard some bad things about it, mostly in how raunchy it is. Plus the idea of this guy getting a girl pregnant just didn't seem like anything new would be told in this story. This is kind of a wishy washy review, because there were some parts and even one-liners that really cracked me up, and there were also parts that I found depressing and just not entertaining at all. But after all was said and done, I had to give the movie a favorable rating on my netflix queue (4 out of 5). If you can deal with some of the teenage raunchy sex talk, then give the movie a shot. MY Biggest complaint though... there is NO WAY in real life that a really beautiful woman like Alison Scott (Katharine Heigl) would ever hook-up with a shlub like Ben Stone (Seth Rogen). I know the differences between the characters were played up in the movie, but still, i think it was over done.

Stone Reader (imdb) >
I'm amazed I ever got to see this movie. I put it on my netflix queue almost 2-3 weeks ago and just got it yesterday. THREE times in a row, netflix shipped the dvd to me and when it arrived I opened it only to find the dvd cracked and unplayable. I think at one point, they took the same exact dvd that I sent back, and simply shipped it back to me. Shame on you netflix. But, finally, they shipped the movie to me from another distributor (in Ohio) and it arrived in one piece.
I just finished watching the movie about 10 minutes ago.
It's a documentary about a book and the search for the author who wrote the book. If you have a love affair with books I'm sure you will appreciate this movie. It does tend to drag a little at times, and some of the books being discussed are outta my league (classics like Hemingway, Dickens, Sallinger, etc are talked about or referenced, none of which I've ever read). But as a person who loves books myself, I liked the movie. I don't suppose many people will hear about this movie (small indy documentary) but if you can get your hands on it, try to watch it.

In other news...
I'm ending my week and 2 day vacation today. It's going to be tough to go back to work tomorrow, but I guess I'm ready to. I think this is the longest time I've ever taken off of work before. I usually take a vacation only when I have someplace to go or visit, this time I didn't have any destination. I took a couple day trips which were nice, but I gotta say, I also enjoyed just not doing anything. (except TV, lots of web surfing, movies, and blog entries).
So if my blog posts tend to drop off now you'll know why :)

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