Saturday, January 19, 2008

Unofficial Mike Colameco

So it's been a while since I posted an "unofficial" Mike Colameco show/recipe. To be honest, I stopped watching it because I kept seeing the same shows over and over. (again, I think the show stopped airing new episodes in 2005 and they are just repeats).
I went over to mike's official website here and did actually find this show listed in his recipe list - BUT! it was JUST for the Shrimp Creole recipe.
So below is my notes/recipe based on watching the show. Mike doesn't give out measurements on his show (which I like), so where you see them below, it's MY guess as to how much mike used. If you don't see measurements feel free to use as much or as little as you like.
The main show was about two restaraunts in Harlem - I missed the name of the first restaraunt, but the second was called "Justins."
The main dishes he prepared afterwards were:
Blackened Bluefish (yes, bluefish!)
fork, mashed potatoes
Collard Greens
and Shrimp Creole
bluefish - 2 fillet's
blackened spices - lots
butter and oil
Mike used a cast iron frying pan
Fry until a good "blackened" look on fish (my note: blackened spices are supposed to burn and turn black! They burn very quickly, and it's not a sign that the fish or meat is being overcooked. You can make your own blackened spice mix (I have) but it's also easy to purchase. Just google "blackened spices" and you'll find a ton of spice mix recipes. Lately I've been using the brand named "Phillips").

Collard Greens
remove center rib and julienne (thin)
olive oil
"lots of" garlic (4-5 cloves?)
hot pepper (looked like a red chilli pepper) minced, seeds removed.
saute in a frying pan

small round potatoes
salted water
simmer until tender
mash with fork and olive oil some salt (skins on)

Creole Shrimp
"trinity" = red and green pepper, 1/2 onion, 3 celery
hot pepper
asian rice cooker - 2-3 cups (you don't have to use the rice cooker, but I also recommend one!)
(Ver blanc sauce - optional - mike mentioned this and I may have misunderstood him - I never heard of it. Mike said it would be too "heavy" so he didn't use it.)
scallops (10? small to medium sized)
Shrimp (his official site said 2 pounds, but it looked like much less than that to me in the show. I would guess maybe 12 decent sized shrimps)
olive oil in pan
blackened spices
Sauté "trinity" to "crunchy" in a separate frying pan.
Sauté Shrimp and scallops also in frying pan of oil, butter and a little of the blackened spice mix.
make a "well" of rice in center of serving plate
Trinity in center, shrimp and scallops around the ring of rice.

NOTE: to me, the Shrimp Creole is a meal in itself and the fish, potatoes, and greens was a second meal. I guess Mike was feeling hungry that day :)

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