Sunday, January 06, 2008

First Book Mooch!!

Hooray, I just got my first bookmooch! I had joined this group several months ago after being frustrated with I had "released several books into the wild" only to have them disappear forever. I had the feeling that the public places I had released them at, that some worker with no love for books, just picked up my book and threw it in the trash.
I can NOT bring myself to recycle a book that I've read. So bookmooch was my next try. Granted, it may have taken so long because I only entered 2 books, but still.
There's also another cost involved in shipping the book to someone else, but if you use "media material" via the USPS it's only like 2-3 dollars. Plus that feeling that hopefully someone will enjoy the book as much as you did.
So, I'll post back again, if I hear anything from the person that requested my book. In the meantime if you have any books that you'd like to get rid of, try joining bookmooch.

Note: I think those illustrations on the front page of bookmooch are just plain creepy, I wish they'd change that.

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