Friday, January 04, 2008

Another UFO

Wow, the UK seems to be a hotbed of ufo activity lately...
WHERE are the photos though? (The one shown for the article is just a photo and not a photo of the actual ufo seen). If you can stand there for 15 minutes to watch a craft go by, doesn't that give you time to run in the house and grab your camera?

article here on "express and star"

PS> At least they dropped the "Dorito" name of this ufo and are now calling it an "arrowhead". Again, what's wrong with just "triangular"? oh well.


fishing lures said...

Have you watched Will Smith's I am Legend?

There's a scene where the people are waiting to leave at the harbour. It gives me a deja vu feel just watching that with Tom Cruise' War of the Worlds where people became hysterical trying to leave town.

cyen said...

Yep, good point, but I don't think we're at that stage yet :)

I checked out your website too. Good idea. I recently made a trip to a local outdoor store and was AMAZED at how expensive the typical fishing lure is now-a-days. $8-$9 bucks a pop!? That's just crazy for a chunk of painted plastic with hooks.